Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

When we talk about virtualization we take into consideration the process that creates a virtual representation, that should be based on a software solution, compared to something that is physical or hardware. Today we can easily virtualize applications as well as servers, or the storage of data and virtual networks. The advantages are in terms of reducing IT expenses, creating positive effects in terms of efficiency and ability to adapt to new needs. Virtualization can be implemented either in a small, medium or large company with tangible results in the immediate future.

In virtual domain, the reference partner for Arka Service is Vmware®. This highly reliable platform allows us to work on different types of virtualization:

  • Server virtualization: reduction of physical machines, increase of efficiency, redistribution of workloads and therefore cost reduction.
  • Virtualization of the network: our physical network can be virtualized, so it can be modified and tested without the need for physical appliances. A virtual network offers the same security guarantees as a physical network, in fact, even logical devices and network services such as ports, switches, firewalls, routers, VPNs etc. are virtualized.
  • Desktop virtualization: greater speed in responding to the evolution of the business, reduction of costs with lower onsite interventions as well as the accessibility of the systems from Tablet or Smartphone.

Arka Service is able to support you in the installation, configuration and management of the virtualized environment, relying on high availability solutions.

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