System management

Arka Service is able to offer services related to the management of the customer’s IT infrastructure, performing configuration and maintenance operations of the computer network on which the information system is based, and the execution of all the operations required by proper ordinary maintenance for the optimal maintenance of workstations.

The IT systems management services takes advantage of the skills of qualified and competent technicians, who are therefore able to manage interventions respecting the eventual service level agreements defined by contract.

We are therefore able to satisfy every installation need, both of new hardware components and software programs, putting our experience and professionalism at the customer’s service.

Technical assistance also includes what normally is considered as system assistance, namely:

  • installation and configuration of Server for Linux, Windows and Unix Operating Systems;
  • security systems design and implementation;
  • restore personal computer/Mac functionality and e-mail.

An integral part of Arka Service offer model is the provision of System Management services for the management of a company’s distributed information systems. Application performance management technologies belong to this domain.

Arka Service strongly believes that maximum productivity can be achieved more efficiently through the correlation of events, through system automation and predictive analysis (Analytics).

In the management of an information system it is fundamental to pay attention to security, this passes from information that includes identification and authentication of a user identity, as well as information related to actions that users can perform to access the various IT systems. The management of security policies is therefore one of the tools to enforce the same security policy and constraints within the systems and among various systems.
Operating in a global context, Arka Service is well aware that interconnected heterogeneous systems are subject to different policies, norms or principles that respond to local information management needs.

As far as security is concerned, we also refer to SIEM (Security Information Management) and Security Event Management. SIEM technology provides real-time analysis of security alarms generated by hardware and network applications. SIEM also aims to record safety data and generate reports for compliance purposes.

Arka Service therefore monitors in real time the correlation of events, management of notifications and views of the console, commonly known as the management of security events, offering long-term archiving as well as the analysis and communication of log data, known as security information management.

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