On site support and integrated logistic

In all those situations involving physical intervention, Arka Service intervenes with its qualified technicians to solve the situation. For our technicians it is often an opportunity of direct contact with the end user and a “return to the origins” like in the mid-90s, when the “proto” Arka managed on-site support at the client companies in addition to the “system support desk ” that gathered the requests to send the most suitable technician within the industrial area.

When we talk about on-site support, to speed up the intervention and solution times, we may be required to manage swap situations in which the device is changed “hot” by immediately providing a new device and withdrawing the “old” as soon as the data is transferred. If we consider companies that have a huge number of mobile devices, laptops or other technological devices, in order to quickly manage the movement of equipment and/or its components, Arka Service has created an integrated logistics management system with assistance and support services. The partner we have chosen is a market leader and is represented by DHL, so at the DHL® headquarters in Liscate (Milan) our technicians and project managers have at their disposal organized spaces to manage all the staging operations and device configuration, both in terms of applications and settings or physical disk image, verifying the functionality of the device and, whenever requested by the customer, securing with cases and shockproof glass.

In Arka Service we are promoters and enablers of remote support, but on many occasions we are required to intervene physically on site or to provide on-site support to our customers with competent technicians who can also rely on the support of the remote service desk as well as specialized partners such as DHL®.

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