MDM – Mobile device management

MDM (Mobile Device Management) or EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) are solutions that provide dedicated platforms for managing mobile devices fleets.

In an increasingly digitalized world where information can be found through the internet, anyone at all levels uses a smart mobile phone or smartphone. Mobile devices are always in our pockets and are often lost or forgotten, making confidential information available or providing access to corporate systems that become so easily vulnerable.

An MDM platform allows us to proactively manage all mobile devices within the corporate network, even if the policies applied allow the use of their personal device or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in business activities.

Think about managing a fleet of 30/40 tablets in the hands of the sales force. With an MDM solution all devices would be aligned with homogeneous operating environments, up-to-date catalogs and devices in safety and full efficiency.

There are different types of platforms and with the support of our specialists we will be happy to define the most functional solution for your business. Among the various functionalities we can:

  • Enable or disable certain apps
  • Make a partition of the memory in order to keep corporate data separated from personal data (see photos for example)
  • Enable or disable the use of certain features (such as preventing the use of the camera)
  • Locate the device in case of loss
  • Reset the device to the factory state (WIPE function) so as to prevent the use or theft of confidential data.

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