IT Security

The digital transformation process combined with the new data protection regulations make the IT security challenge one of the main challenges for IT managers and system administrators. To meet the challenge, it is essential to tackle the problem by making a first analysis of the state of the art of your company’s IT architecture and related data processing procedures.

Besides the skills and internal certifications, Arka Service has collaborations and partnerships that are able to offer 360 ° Computer Security services as an integral part of their offer. We are not just talking about Physical Firewalls and / or Software but real integrated solutions that allow us to guarantee a protection shield able to adapt to the evolution of technologies also through what is called “Deep Learning”, i.e. the system observes and monitors all the operations that are performed on the machines and when inconsistencies and anomalies are found, preventive protection actions are put in place.

So we are talking about partnerships with companies like Sophos® considering endpoint protection. Solutions aimed at protection from Virus as well as Ransomware and Malware. In addition to prevention, these solutions allow to make a “Root Cause Analysis”, that is an in-depth analysis on the origin of the attack, on the modified or damaged areas, thus providing suggestions on the next steps to be implemented.

As far as the Firewalls are concerned, our reference partner is Stormshield® which, with its reliable and innovative solutions, allows us to work safely both in physical and virtual environments.

IT security systems for Network, Endpoint and Data protection must enable us to exploit secure technology in both physical and virtualized environments and / or in cloud.

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