Data management

To support data security, it is fundamental to analyze and correct or define the data management policies and processes. The topics to work on are those related to backup, business continuity, disaster recovery and data management in the cloud.


In order to guarantee the availability and integrity of data it is necessary to provide for a copy, protecting it from accidental loss or by mistake, thus having the security of keeping a copy in order to recover the data.

In addition to keeping a copy of the data contained in the server, it is becoming increasingly important to keep the data backup of the cell phones and tablets. In case of accidental loss or damage of the device it will be essential to have a copy to proceed with the restoration of data in a short time. The backup can be stored on a physical disk or online.


IT attacks, floods, shredded cables? It is necessary to define the Business Continuity plan in order to guarantee the continuity of IT services without interruption. The process involves several steps: identifying risks, defining the elements to mitigate risk, implement a BC plan and measure its effectiveness. It is an ongoing process to be maintained constantly improving the organization’s resilience, that is, the company’s ability to cope positively with traumatic events.


In case of accidents, in order to properly restore systems, it is a priority to define a set of technological and logistical / administrative measures aimed at restoring the systems, data and infrastructure necessary for the provision of our company’s services. The Disaster Recovery Plan is the document that explicates these measures and can be part of the Business Continuity Plan.

  1. CLOUD

The cloud allows us to move data in safe, virtual places, far from our facilities, allowing solutions that can meet the needs of all companies.

The main features of the Cloud are the guarantee of the data, the availability, the scalability of the solution whatever it is. Today the Cloud allows you to host websites, store data, manage audio and video content with high streaming quality, availability of Apps and Software.

Today we also talk about the Hybrid Cloud where, in a transparent way for the end user, public cloud and private cloud solutions are conjugated. We therefore have the ability to manage critical data or sensitive applications in Private domain while we use the power of the Public Cloud to manage load peaks.

Arka Service with its own organization, its systems and with the support of highly reliable technological partners is able to meet the needs of Small, Medium and Large Companies both at a national and international level.

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