Computer as a service

“Computer as a service” is the concept of reducing the costs of managing IT tools. How? Through a solution that allows you to combine hardware, software, services and financing so as to have a fixed monthly cost per workstation.

An aspect to consider is the lower impact over the IT structure for managing the computers, in addition structured investments are planned with well-defined deadlines of 2-3-4 years, depending on the needs, with the possibility of final return of the technology, or the withdrawal and renewal, in order to streamline the asset management procedures.

This model is also applicable to the mobile device environment, servers and components such as switches, firewalls so as to define a package that includes the technological component, the software and the applications necessary to intelligently manage their business. All the technology and applications, together with assistance and support services are linked to a loan that allows you to have a convenient default monthly payment. In case of subsequent purchases, it is possible to integrate new supplies into the original loan.

In this case Arka Service works in partnership with vendors financial companies, primary banking or financial institutions.

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