Service Desk


Arka Service Service Desk Services are built on a robust infrastructure framework that provides consistency, broad language coverage and a wide range of technological skills.

The model of “center of excellence” towards which tends Arka Service provides an approach where the mobility, flexibility and customer experience are paramount. This way you can create the best workplace environment that includes integrated key elements such proactivity, mobility and security.

Structured to provide a service H24, 365 days a year, our Service Desk is designed to identify and eliminate waste continuously, inflexibility and variability (Six Sigma best practices), through the adoption of a framework of coherent processes with ITIL best practices defined for improvement and constant innovation.

Over the years we have moved from a traditional model of Service Desk towards a centre of excellence capitalizing on the innovative technological platform and on the partnerships with major global market players. This has enabled us to develop skills and specialized competencies in multi platform IT environments.

  • Interoperability of multiple delivery centres located on the national territory (on-shore)
  • Multi channel contact centre infrastructure (e.g. Voice, Chat, e-mail and web)
  • High reliability contact centre infrastructure
  • Horizontally scalable infrastructure solution
  • High integration between contact centre and back end applications
  • Knowledge base solutions integrated with back end solutions
  • Processes, Tool set, and procedures shared between delivery centres
  • Architecture and processes developed according to ITIL V3 best practices
  • Over 250 employees
  • Over 15 available languages
  • Capability of operating on wide scale
  • 7x24x365
  • First level application support
  • Capability to suit Clients of various size
  • Capability to fulfil different sectors of industry(e.g. Finance, Automotive, PMI, Retail, Distribution, Telco, Utilities etc…)
  • Over 2.200.000 yearly contacts (Service request, incident)
  • Incident Management & Change Management
  • IMAC coordination

Arka Service uses as a contact centre architecture a solution that is hosted on multichannel, completely developed according to criteria of high reliability and resilience. All in order to guarantee the requirements of scalability and flexibility and to satisfy thenecessities of the heterogeneous market. The multi channel approach enables us to increase customer experience allowing clients improved service access.

Contact Center gerarchical management

  • Primary Site
  • Secondary Site
  • Agent Site


  • Scalability
  • Skill Based Routing
  • Single and Multi-site Routing

Multi-channel routing

  • Universal Queue
  • Automatic answers
  • Voice, e-Mail, Chat, Web channels

Integrated Web Call Center

  • Voice Over IP
  • Singol agent desktop

Integration layers

  • Multi-channel Pop Up (voice, chat ,e-mail)
  • Contact centre integrated workflow
  • Multi-platform solutions (Windows, Linux)


Prime objective of our delivery model, and part of Arka Service’s portfolio, is the Centralized Technical Support (CTS) that has the responsibility to provide second level support on specific IT issues. CTS is fully integrated within the Service Desk, through our contact centre solution, supporting agents in the immediate resolution of problems, increasing customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Access to specialized skills on specific platforms/IT environments (e.g. Microsoft, Apple, etc…)
  • Use of the same contact centre infrastructural solution allows us to guarantee and adequate answer and acceptance time
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Increased customer experience
  • Increased Service Levels
  • Contributes to the management and enhancement of knowledge
  • Problem Management

CTS is one of the main value of our delivery model capable to support customer business transformation over the IT either.