Security Management


New technologic patterns proliferation is challenging CIOs in everyday activities and creating new paradigms.

One of these challenges is surely represented by risk and security management, because control on version, visibility in compliance and legal situation, virus vulnerability, limited flexibility in reaching the opportunities and negative environmental changes, are not correctly faced.

Arka Service, thanks to a wide and long collaboration with global partners, is able to offer Security Services as an integrated part of his offer.


In this context, Arka Service can satisfy security and compliance prerequisites, as a part of Enterprise services, embracing systematic and secure end-points management as:
• Continuous execution of security configurations and patches.
• Centralized application of anti-malware and firewall protections solutions.
• Out-of-box best practices to meet legislation requirements
• Security trend and analysis by advanced reporting
• Continuous visibility of patch compliance
• Automatic patch management tools for different operating systems and applications
• Security risks reduced, by stepping up clean-up cycles from weeks to days or hours
• Optimized patch compliance visibility by real time monitoring and reporting
• Application of correct patches for the end-point
• From a single console is possible to monitor (constantly and in real time), health and security of all computers and mobile devices.

We can rely on the best market products for Client Management Endpoint protection: as McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro, Sophos and Microsoft.


Today’s Companies need to admin and reinforce their access policies, on channels as mobile devices, social networks and cloud.

At the same time they have to fulfill their business needs, as roles management, compliance and audit.
In this context, organizations continue to add services for both internal users and Clients. Many of these services require Identity Management to be provided.
More and more often, Identity Management has been divided by applicative functions, in order to use a single identity for many (or even all) organization activities.
Identity Management for internal use is evolving to control access for all digital resources, devices included, network equipment, servers, portals, contents, applications and/or products.
Services, often require access to user detailed information, as contact list, preferences and rights. And since these information are submitted to privacy and requirements of confidentiality, access control is very important.

Arka Service offers Identity Management Services in order to fulfill Clients compliance targets and reduce risks, protecting and monitoring users access in all environments.
Arka Service supports Clients in development and management of Primary and Secondary Identity process and IDs access.
Identity Management and access solutions, are useful to save data and important applications, to reinforce security policies and governance.

Considering user metrics and audit report (on user rights and access activities) the Company can face, in a rapid and efficient way, user access management, internal threats and compliance requisites.


User access allow users to assume a specific digital identity, crossing applications, controlling the kind of access to assign and evaluating all these tasks.
A single identity for each user on different systems, makes End Users Administrators work easier.

Arka Service works closely with the organization to simplify monitoring and access control, in order to not allow excessive privileges to end users. User access can be monitored from beginning to end.

When organizations implement Identity Management Process, the main result is to grant adequate access rights to their end users. In other words, Access Management is the result of Identity Management, and the two processes are closely linked.