Project Management Office



Arka Service follows the activities of the customer through all phases of the organization of a project, from the definition of general objectives, deliverables, milestones, team structure, roles and responsibilities, major assumptions, contractual commitments, project risks, exclusions, construction real of the project organization. Furthermore, the method applied concern the verification and validation of the allocation of the budget to the various sub-projects, the phases of quality control and the progress communication to stakeholders.


  • Establish the project implementation plan including: overall objectives, deliverables, major milestones, team structure, roles andresponsibilities, major assumptions, customer obligation, project risks, project exclusions, etc.
  • Set up the Project Team Organization and verify and validate allocation of the budget to various subprojects
  • Evaluate and adopt, where appropriate, the overall project management infrastructure including: Process, Controls, Standards, andappropriate tools, established by the project team during the project office setup, such as:
    • Risk and Issue Management
    • Change Request Management
    • Online Information Repository (The repository contains the project plans, project deliverables, contract, holiday schedule,contact list, standard templates, issue list and resolution, project status report, etc….)
    • Labor Resource and Expense Tracking
    • Plan Schedule, Milestone, and Deliverables Tracking Process
    • Project Status and Progress Reporting
    • Project Focal Point and Stakeholders Communication
    • Quality Assurance Process
  • Coordinate the creation and update of the integrated Schedule (MPP)
  • Monitor, track, and communicate project issues, changes, and progress to appropriate stakeholders
  • Provide coordination and assistance to subproject Managers, as needed