IT Service Management



Arka Service believes that providing quality services represents the key factor to achieve business growth as well as increasing satisfaction levels of our clients, reason why our processes and our tools conform to ITIL® standards and requirements; regarded globally as the best practice framework.
Arka Service encourages its clients to adopt ITIL® standards in order to reach their growth and quality objectives, and transform their business processes.
The solutions provided by Arka Service are developed to supply optimal quality, guaranteed by the adoption of an integrated Management System that applies analytic principles aimed at accurate measurements of performance and consequential improvement of operations:

  • Tool set – CCPulse Service Desk real time agent performance, Hyperion Service Desk statistics, is a proactive monitoring tool of service levels, Service request Incident & Problem management workflow
  • Data Analytics – allows to identify issues through statistical analysis in regards to data behaviour. In order to identify in a later stage adequate root causes
  • Pareto Analysis – Also known as the 80/20 rule. Allows us to focalize mainly on the principal and reoccurring problems
  • Workforce Management – a combination of volumes, service levels over time allows us to calculate the adequate amount of resources required to fulfil quality and business objectives
  • Hypothesis Testing – a statistical technique designed to evaluate differences among groups on perceived importance
  • Correlation & Regression Modelling – Often used to help identify forecasts on possible future results on the basis of historical data
  • Simulation – capability to enable trial environments to test possible solutions in order to safeguard future investments

The integrated Management system adopted by Arka Service takes the use of best practice ITIL® to the next level coordinating and uniting various services in its offer portfolio, regardless of the fact that they are supplied internally or by third parties.
The integration and management of the whole life cycle of the service is guaranteed by the adoption of processes, standard and flexible workflows, and also by a scalable and extremely versatile infrastructure architecture able to model the organizational ecosystem on the basis of market necessities, may they be local or international.
Thanks to this, Arka service can vouch for an increased customer experience and an ongoing control over operations in complete transparency with its Clients.