Desktop Virtualization



An integrating part of the model offered by Arka Service consists in Desktop virtualization services, intended as software technology that separates desktop environments and applications associated with the device used to access them.

Desktop Virtualization can be used in combination with application virtualization systems and user profile management in order to provide a complete management system for desktop environments. In this way all desktop components are virtualized. This approach favours a far more complete disaster recovery strategy due to the fact that all desktop components are essentially saved in the data centre and recoverable through traditional data redundancy maintenance services.

Arka Service is anticipating market demands and is continuingly developing specialised technical competencies in order to guarantee its clients the capacity to configure, install and manage the following services:

• Remote Desktop Virtualization
• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
• Presentation virtualization (Termnal Services)
• Application Virtualization
• User Virtualization
• Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop (private and public)

All of this while accompanying clients through the transformation process which starts with an initial assessment phase, with the preparation of a potential pilot, throughout the complete fulfilment of the project and the consequent management of the service.