Arka Service s.r.l. has been founded in 2008 from the former company active since 2005 and from a long standing previous experience in the field of ICT services, for private and public sector alike. Today the company puts at the disposal of more than three hundred clients the competence of an infrastructure composed of over two hundred and fifty qualified representatives that handle in excess of two million requests per year.


Arka Service boasts an innovative and multicultural approach to client management. As a matter of fact our specialists, come from thirty five different countries ensuring that they share not only the same language but also the same culture, ensuring a much higher empathy. Every different requirement is carefully evaluated, securing custom tailored solutions over pre-packaged ones. This is why we like to refer to Arka Service as a centre of excellence capable of operating on a wide scale.


Every problem or business necessity related to IT support, whether it be of application or of hardware nature, will find in Arka Service dedicated assistance twenty four hours a day, and three hundred and sixty-five days a year, supplied in fifteen different languages and operated from a secure platform guaranteed by the major technological leaders of the market.
Arka Service is a company that is certified EICC, ISO 9001 e ISO 27001.


For us from Arka Service, the virtue which makes the difference is in the competence and continuous growth of our work group. For this reason we heavily invest in training and development through certifications and the construction of a quality and rewarding work environment, in which we may pursue enthusiasm and synergy. For this reason we have undersigned an ethical manifesto, based on principles of transparency and equal opportunities, convinced that it represents the fundamental basis for our work.