Arka has over a decade of experience in IT services. Its origins date back to the mid-90s to find the current configuration in the last decade. Since 2009, Arka Service is an international center of excellence, boasting the provision of services in 15 different languages.

Customer orientation

Arka service has an innovative and trans-cultural approach to customer management.

Our specialists, as a matter of fact, come from thirty-five different countries and do not only share the language of the client managed, but also the culture, so that they can be closer to the problem issued. Each different need is carefully evaluated, so as to provide a tailor-made and non-prepackaged solution. That's why we like to talk about Arka Service as a Center of Excellence.


Every single problem or business need, when part of the IT domain, related to hardware, software, the application or the system component, finds in Arka Service a dedicated assistance 24 hours * 365 days.

Our technicians, supported by partnerships with the most qualified brands, allow us to create highly reliable computer architectures, thus going to touch on areas such as data archiving and their recovery in the event of an incident.

The value of a group

The continuous growth of our Team, both in terms of units and skills, is a value.

This is why we invest in training, certifications and in the construction of a high quality work environment, in which meritocracy, harmony and passion are cultivated. We have signed an ethical manifesto, internationally recognized, based on principles such as transparency and equal opportunities, with the conviction that it represents the fundamental premise of our work.

The history of Arka

The history of Arka Service has its roots in the mid-90s to become, from 2009, an international center of excellence.

Arka Service can always be at the side of its direct or indirect customers, as well as with partners with more consolidated relationships where we have a Team that embraces, day after day, wider Experiences and Competences. The following are some of the factors that make Arka Service offer unique.


Quality, ethics and innovation are part of Arka Service's technological DNA.

Our assistance services are currently delivered in 15 different languages, in fact our staff represents over 35 nationalities with linguistic skills that reach even the most remote corners of the earth. Arka Service is one of the few companies in Italy to be certified ISO 27001, ISO 9001, EICC and subscribes to the Equal Opportunities Charter in order to guarantee the correct management of a company's most important asset: the people, who make Arka Service a center of excellence and an international point of reference. Today Arka Service manages over 200 customers, 3,000,000 incidents solved per year, 15 languages served for 5 continents (Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia

Arka Service invests every year over 15,000 hours in staff training, this has allowed us to get certifications that include:

Our strenghts

24h Support
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Chief Executive Officer

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